Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Slow Down.....

 Ansley you are growing too fast.....We need you to slow down a little.....You do not want to lay down......all you want to do is sit up and see what is going on.....
 you love your new chair......
 The boys put this gloves on Ansley today and I hate to say this, but she loved it and left her hand in the glove for a little while.....
and these two boys can slow down the growing too....
My babies are getting big quick!!!

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Alabama Super NIT

A few weeks ago we went to Auburn for the boys Super NIT Ball Tournament....

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Braves Game

 Ansley at her 1st Braves game.....
 My boys
 How can you sleep during a game??
We had a great time at The Braves game a few weeks ago. We enjoyed dinner at The 755 Club and Ansley was great the whole night.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Happy 2 Month Ansley

I am a little behind with this post. Ansley turned 2 months on April 27......

Enjoy the pixs!!!

 2 Month Stats:
Weight: 9 lbs. 8.5 ozs. (16%)
Length: 22 inches (33%)
Head Circircumference: 14 3/4 inches (16%)
At this doctors appointment you had your 1st set of shots. You didn't like the shots and ran a fever for 2 days after them. Then you had a rash all over your body and went to Urgent Care for the first time.
You are eating 6ozs of formula every 4 hours. You are also sleeping through the night.

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Ansley and Jordan

 This sweet girl LOVES to be outside....
The other night Ansley was fussy and Jordan took her for a little walk....
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Jansen Hearing Test

Last week I took Jansen to The Hearing Doctors to have his hearing tested. I am happy to say he still has perfect hearing in his right ear, and his left ear still has a working nerve. His new ear has healed and is looking good. It's a little flatter on the head than Chris and I would like, so we will be talking to Dr. Jones about maybe fixing it. It has not grown back, it's just not sticking out. We clean behind it nightly and try to stick something behind it to try and stretch the skin out. No surgeries right now due to baseball season, but we have at least 1 more to go, maybe 2.
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DK Baseball

 our sweet family
 Jordan and Ansley
The Champs (Lovejoy 2012)

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